5 things you should consider when buying your first road bike

Biking is a fun and physically rewarding hobby. It’s great exercise too perfect for health enthusiasts who also love the great outdoors. However, It’s not as simple as going to the nearest bike shop and grabbing the first cool-looking bike, like the Pinarello dogma f10, you see.

Some bikes are designed for specific purposes. So, you have to be meticulous in choosing your first bike. For example, for beginners, road bikes are a great starter bike. They are quite common and they can glide smoothly on paved roads.

Before you buy, though, here are things you have to keep in mind.


The first thing you have to do before you even purchase a bike is to figure out what you want. Before searching online for Pinarello dogma f10 price, first, come up with a budget that you’re willing to work with. This is a good way to force you to be really mindful of picking your first bike. Keep in mind though that bikes can be pretty pricey so give your budget a little leeway.

Where you get your bike and bike needs is also important as a first-time buyer. A knowledgable professional can give you a ton of valuable information and advice that you can definitely use.

Additionally, when searching online, read through a sellers reviews section. You can find out more about their service. Social media pages are also gold mines of valuable information.

Get fitted

Just like clothes, bikes can also be fitted for you too. Having a bike properly fitted to your body ensures that you perform at optimal levels. This makes sure that your bike is comfortable to ride and lets you perform to the best of your ability.

Things such as seat height, frame length, handlebars and pedals are justed to suit your measurements. Make sure that your local Wedu shop has a bike fitting facility before purchasing.

Frame materials

The material of your bike frame plays a huge part in the durability and cost. Aluminium is the most common material and they are relatively inexpensive. They form quite sturdy and light frames. Modern advancements in technology have further enhanced aluminium frames’ resilience making them viable options indeed.

Another common material is steel. For a time, it was a popular material of choice due to its strength. However, steel is heavier than aluminium and it has since lost popularity among competitive riders.

The wheels

Another important aspect of your bike are the wheels and tyres. They affect your bikes weight, performance, and aerodynamics. Road bikes generally have skinnier wheels while mountain bikes, like the Cannondale Cuji, have bigger ones.

As a beginner, investing in great wheels from the get-go is a great idea as these can be pretty expensive to replace. Having a good set of wheels saves you on maintenance costs and can drastically improve your riding experience.

Other components

Last but not least, are the other smaller parts of your bike like the brakes, chains, sprockets, cables etc. For now, having the stock gears that come with your bike is fine for a beginner since you can easily replace them later.

Most road bikes, like the Pinarello Dogma f10, have readily available parts and components in the market. Just make sure to check their condition making sure that they have no defects and work correctly.

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