Do you want a good amount amount of light in your home? Choose Skylights!

A skylight is, in its simplest form, a structure on the roof that lets light pass through. These architectural elements are integrated into constructions for a number of reasons. First and foremost, skylights are used to provide daytime lightning. This creates a pleasant atmosphere inside a building or a house. Velux skylights are one safe option in all regards.

See the sky anytime, with skylights!

Skylights also allow a visual connection to the sky and your interiors; and less often, they are used for passive heating and ventilation. There are, of course, different designs of skylights depending on the needs and required functionalities. Since a poor design and construction of a skylight can bring disastrous consequences (like rain water filtering through the structure), only experienced professionals should be entrusted with its construction.

Velux is a Danish company with over 75 years of experience manufacturing and installing roof windows and skylights. Velux sells its products in 40 countries worldwide. They have factories in 11 countries, facts that make Velux skylight prices very competitive and affordable.

Velux skylights are also sold in Australia, and they have been well received by architects and real estate developers. If you are in the state of Victoria, check and compare the different skylights Melbourne prices and convince yourself that Velux skylights are the best option for your money.

You have the choice you want

Velux skylights comprise a large range of products. Just to mention some of them: manual or electric openable skylights, fixed skylights, roof windows, and sun tunnels. Moreover, different types of decoration and blinds are offered in their product lines. Velux blinds are available for each type of skylight. Hence, fixed skylight blinds, openable skylight blinds, and roof skylight blinds. Below, more details of each type are provided.

Fixed skylights: The best solution for rooms

Fixed skylights are designed to illuminate rooms, without providing ventilation. It is understood, therefore, that the room is already well ventilated by other means like a window on the wall.  In order to complement your Velux fix skylight, a sleek and stylish blind can be added. This blind provides effective sun screening, for darkening the room or just controlling the glare. This way, Velux skylights become a complete architectural element that is functional and elegant at the same time.

Openable skylights: For those who love the feeling of freedom

Openable skylines, on the other hand, can be remotely opened to allow heat and fresh air to enter the room. Consequently, openable blinds can be added in order to control the access of light too. These blind are opened by a radio frequency remote control and are powered by solar energy. These openable Velux skylights add a touch of modernity and sophistication to your house or building, besides their functionality and comfort.

Roof blinds: For the most unusual person

Finally, roof window blinds are also offered to control the different levels of light. Some of these blinds are completely opaque, whereas others allow a certain level of light in. In all the cases, these blinds come with aluminum side channels and are very easy to install. Check the Velux skylights online catalogue and choose the best solution for your house or building. Functionality, elegance, and best price are guaranteed.