Have Seniors at Home? Make Your Indoor Area Senior-Friendly With These Tips

In their old age, seniors deserve a great place to stay. If you opted to care for your seniors at the comforts of your own home, you might need to make some adjustments, such as using Ziptrak blinds and overhead storage for safer navigability. Specifically, it’s best to turn the interior area into a safe and cosy place for them.


  1. Let in natural ventilation and illumination.

Unless the environment outside is heavily polluted, it’s good for seniors to be exposed to natural sunlight and air. Turn your concrete wall into a glass wall, especially the part that’s directly facing the garden. Then use indoor blinds to control the entry of air and light. Doing this gives your seniors a refreshing view of the blooming and lush garden.

  1. Switch to senior-friendly furniture pieces.

Ditch those tables and chairs with pointed edges. Seniors might scratch their skin with those edges, causing skin rashes, or worse, wounds and cuts. Switch your backless dining benches with study chairs with backrest and armrest. It’s also good to have footstools. Choose furniture pieces with bright but eye-friendly solid colours for seniors to see easily. Avoid overhead cabinets and under-the-chair drawers because these require bending and stretching. Opt for those free-standing storage options and sturdy bookshelves that don’t tip over. Instead of traditional windows, it’s good to use Ziptrak blinds seniors can easily pull to control the entry of air and light.

  1. Set up the necessary safety measures.

Their fragile physique puts seniors at high risk of trip and fall injuries. And to keep them safe, you need to make the interior area safe. Opt for the rubberized flooring material to reduce slip accidents. Keep the floor clean and free from clutter. Set up a smoke detector and fire alarm system inside the house. And install CCTV cameras at the right places to monitor the safety of seniors.

  1. Avail of regular light housekeeping services.

Cleanliness is essential for seniors, considering their fragile immune system. This means you might be required to clean the interior and the rest of the house more frequently than you used to. If this sounds tiresome for you, you can just hire a light housekeeping expert. Set a schedule for them to clean your house and keep your Ziptrak blinds and other indoor furniture clean and dust-free.

  1. Make the interior easily navigable.

Whether or not your seniors have mobility challenges, it’s best to keep the interior layout easily navigable. Keep the storage options to the sides. Avoid placing the table in the centre of the area. And make the chairs and other seating options easily accessible. Opt for Roman blinds Melbourne providers offer. This type is more effective in blocking out the sun, providing better insulation.

Making adjustments to your interior is a great way to give seniors a sanctuary perfect for relaxation and comfort. As they become more at ease at home, they’ll also be able to enjoy their retirement years a little bit more. The good news is the fact that this project doesn’t need to take too much time. You just need to contact the right people to do the repair or indoor home improvement tasks. Then buy apt materials, such as chairs, cabinets, and tables. For your blinds, take a look at the products of Crystal Image Blinds, a provider of indoor blinds Melbourne homeowners have always loved.