Planning to Install an Asphalt Driveway? Here’s What You Should Know

When it comes to a cost-effective driveway solution, nothing beats asphalt. With recent talks about global warming and climate change nowadays, more people are looking for budget-friendly but eco-friendly home improvement solutions. In that regard, asphalt is the top choice. You can find trusted experts in Melbourne Asphalt driveways so you can have an appealing driveway within just 24 to 48 hours.
But what makes asphalt a better choice than concrete? Take a look at these advantages of Melbourne Asphalt driveways:
1. It has slip-resistant quality. Concrete can be slippery but asphalt remains slip resistant even when wet. This is effective in Asphalt Carparks all over Australia.
2. You can lay a Melbourne Asphalt product nearly everywhere because of its flexibility.
3. Asphalt is a durable material and can be recycled 100%. That is why most homeowners hoping to build sustainable homes choose asphalt over concrete for their driveways.
4. Enhances the curb appeal of your home. With its natural black colour, an asphalt driveway certainly adds appeal to your home, complementing its beauty.
5. It is easy to resurface asphalt when cracks occur. No need to remove the existing asphalt.
6. It is cheap and easy to repair. Although you may need experts to install a new asphalt driveway, repairing any cracks and potholes can be done through DIY kits.
7. The cost of asphalt is only half the price of concrete. That is why it is a top choice for homeowners wanting to improve the curb appeal of their homes. You can also find Asphalt Road everywhere because it is cost-effective.
Maintenance Tips
Just like any other home improvement task you aim to accomplish, maintaining your asphalt driveway helps to lengthen its lifespan. Although asphalt is a durable product, it still requires maintenance. Below are a few tips to maintain your asphalt driveways and improve its lifespan.
  • Allow Asphalt to Harden Properly — While it can be tempting to use the asphalt driveway right away, giving it enough time to rest will ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Using it right away will weaken or damage the surface. That is why you must allow at least 2-3 days for asphalt to settle especially on a hot summer day. If you install it during cold weather, you can ways at least 1-2 days before using. This will help achieve its full potential.
  • Keep Your Driveway Clean — Keeping your asphalt driveway clean will help make it last longer. Sometimes, rocks, sticks, or leaves may lodge on your driveway and once they rot, they may damage the surface. That is why you have to make sure to keep the driveway clean. Remove any rocks and any debris to avoid build-ups. Rocks can often cause holes or cracks to appear. Once there is a visible damage to the surface area, it might get wider and cause bigger damage unless patched up.
  • Remove spills and keep it clean — If you allow spill or leaks on your driveway, make sure to remove it right away. Have a kitty litter handy so you can easily soak up any oil spills from your asphalt driveway. Most experts in asphalt driveway suggest that you should be vigilant for oil stains, radiator coolant, and other liquids that stain asphalt. Keep a degreaser nearby, as well as baking soda to help remove stains.
  • Apply Asphalt Sealer Right Away — Applying asphalt sealer is a great way to enhance the look of your driveway. This will also fill small cracks and other imperfections made over time. Sealers help prevent minute cracks to widen. On top of that, applying a generous amount of seal coat help to maintain the flexibility and water-resistance quality of asphalt.
  • Remove Standing Water — One of the most damaging elements for any driveway is water. When it rains or when the snow melts, water may pool over your asphalt. This can cause erosion and weaken the structure. This will decrease its lifespan and the start of bigger problems in the long run. If you see puddles on your driveway, make sure to address the problem right away before it gets worst.
The abovementioned pointers are just a few tips on how to extend the life of your asphalt driveway. If you are not sure as to how to keep your asphalt driveways in good condition or if you want to install Asphalt Paving, contact Asphalt Melbourne experts right away. Or you may also visit for more details.