Steps Involved in Proper Concrete Drilling

In Australia, 10% of the concrete drilling activities are accounted for by Western Australia, which includes areas like Perth. This figure accounts for both industrial and home repairs. Drilling a hole into concrete is a very useful as well as handy technique because you can install lights, hang paintings, accomplish any home-repair job by yourself or by engaging services of a concrete drilling company Perth market has to offer. There are steps you need to follow though to navigate through easily. Here is a guide on how you can drill into concrete.

Get Good Equipment

Drilling can’t be possible without good equipment. You need a good drilling machine. A concrete drilling company in Perth should look for features such as variable speed, depth setting, hammering function, have a good grip as well as good power in equipment. When you try accomplishing drilling with a drill that has less power, it will result to holes that aren’t deep enough, are off mark or are not impressive to look at. While you may be tempted to look at the cost, there are consequences.

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Know About Your Machine

It’s very necessary that a Perth concrete drilling company have workers understand the kind of equipment they are dealing with before attempting to use it. Understanding the operation procedures and all other logistics around it is fundamental. This can be done through reading the user’s manual or conducting a small training. A concrete drilling company Perth has today, and that is mindful will have comfortable to handle machines for their workers.

Set the Depth

It is necessary to set a control bar that will guide on how deep the machine will drill. You can read the manual so you can know how to deal with it. In case there is no depth control in the machine, you will then be required to measure and then mark the depth that you fancy with either a masking tape or a pencil. However, the best concrete drilling company in Perth has equipment with depth control.

Do the Job

Hold the drill as supposed to and then have the point that you will need to drill marked using a soft pencil. After that, have the drill on the mark and then put enough pressure on it so it’s in place but not too much. Then begin drilling with low speed or in shortbursts. Have a shallow hollow hole first that will act as a guide so you can make the hole exactly on the mark. Then adjust the speed to high into the shallow hole. You will need to exert some degree of force against the wall, more especially if the drill you are using is low power.

When drilling, you might experience some unexpected turns such as hitting a hard piece of concrete. You can solve the problem by inserting a masonry nail and then hitting it to break the concrete and then insert it back and continue the drilling. A concrete drilling company Perth has will be of help where you cannot accomplish the task by yourself.