What to Look for in an Essendon Aged Care

Are you looking for an Essendon aged care facility? Choosing one can be very challenging. This is especially true when you are under pressure due to a sudden event where an elderly loved one can no longer stay in their own home.

essendon aged care

If you have a good understanding of what to look for in an aged care in Essendon, your search will be significantly easier. You only need to know what factors to consider to narrow down your choices. When this is achieved, pressure can be reduced.

Features of an Essendon aged care facility that matters

Care services

Does the facility offer palliative care, respite care, or in-home care? Your needs should be your basis when you’re doing research. But most facilities offer similar services. The next step is to visit aged care homes nearest you.

A good feeling

The moment you stepped into a care home, did you get a good and warm feeling right off the bat? First impressions count even in aged care facilities. So make sure you get an overall feel about the facility, and see if you leave feeling like you want to come back.

Make sure to take note of the smell, cleanliness, comfort, friendliness of other residents, staff interaction, and serenity. Take note of something exceptional or disturbing.

Most importantly, take a look at the faces of the residents of aged care in Essendon. Do they look happy, healthy, and engaged?


How far is the facility from your own home? Is it possible for family and friends to visit you often or vice versa? If you feel a little bit homesick, will it be easy for you to visit with family even for a short time?

Aside from its distance to your home, it is important to take note of establishments nearby that you enjoy exploring, such as shops, a church, and other places suitable for regular outings.

Reputation and accreditation

Ask around and find out more about a facility. Would residents’ loved ones recommend it to you? What do they have to say about the aged care home?

See if an establishment is accredited by the Australian Government. An accreditation indicates a high-quality standard of care based on 44 accepted standards that every facility should meet and every resident should expect.

These are just some important factors you can start your search with. But here’s a good recommendation:

Arcare Essendon Aged Care

With the relationships being at the centre of Arcare’s priorities, it is not a surprise that its innovative services are expanding to new places. Arcare is on its way to providing Melbourne aged care in Essendon. The more places Arcare is in, the more people they can take care of.

A government-endorsed service that is of high quality such as Arcare must be readily available to those who need it. Fortunately, Arcare is also available to those who wish to be taken care of from the comfort of their own home, alongside their family members.

Contact them for more information about the services they offer and for a site visit.