The 3 reasons why sound blankets are great investments

Whether you are a budding recording artist or an aspiring musician who wants to record professional-quality audio, you understand the need for a good recording setup. And so you invest in microphones and studio monitors to better improve audio quality. But aside from good gear, controlling the ambient sound in your recording setup can also have an impact on quality. This is where soundproofing equipment like sound blankets come in.


sound blankets


What are they exactly?

As the name suggests, these are large pieces of fabric dampen and absorb sounds. They are made from thick and heavy material, which gives it its sound-absorbing properties.

Some manufacturers even incorporate special stitching to the blanket that which adds to its effectiveness. The sound blanket’s wide availability and price make them a popular sound-proofing solution among professionals and hobbyists.

Unlike other soundproofing techniques, they focus on dampening sounds. They can’t block out 100% of the ambient sounds, however, they dampen it to negligible levels. For most applications, this is more than enough, making them a popular choice indeed.

Here are the three reasons why they are great investments

The cost

When compared to other soundproofing solutions, they are far more cost-effective. Some might opt for soundproofing paint but this isn’t a viable long term solution. Paint tends to peel off over time. This will need frequent repainting in the future. This isn’t ideal if you are on a tight budget on your production costs.

Soundproofing foam can also be quite expensive, especially for larger applications. Sound blankets are more cost-effective as they can cover larger real estate for far less cost than foam.


These blankets are pretty flexible too, literally and figuratively. With enough planning, they can be used in almost any situation. They can be mounted on walls, ceilings, floors and even on free-standing frames. Installation is also quite easy.

They require simple tools and no special mounting. This simple enough even you can do it provided you have time and a little help as they are quite heavy. They are popular in places such as:

  • Churches
  • Recording studios
  • Bedrooms
  • Sound booths
  • Music rooms
  • Dens and offices

There are even inexpensive and portable designs for DIY recording booths, which are perfect for budding recording artists.

Hassle-free maintenance

Cleaning sound blankets are also straightforward and simple. They can be machine washed just like regular blankets. You simply stick them into your washing machine when they get dirty and wash normally.

They are pretty durable too. Their heavy material means they don’t tear easily. The stitching also secures the layers of materials keeping them from fraying and deforming in the long run.

They can also act as a cushion of sorts. They keep your walls and windows from getting damaged by falling instruments or projector screen stand. This is surprisingly a common problem especially smaller studios where moving stuff around is frequent.

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